Expert e-commerce and business solutions developer. Several years experience with back-end programming, web/mobile apps development, project management and project design.

I have solid Magento portfolio, with projects completed for US, EU and UK market. Experienced with back-end extensions development, new front-end features creation, code re-factoring, store optimization, import/export data. Our Magento projects live on the net and available for review online. High traffic and big sales, this is what we handle with our Magento work.

To help my clients resolve issues with existing code and build new state-of-the-art technology projects.

Working hours
Kiev: 10am - 9pm
Dubai: 12pm - 11pm
London: 8am - 7pm
New York: 3am - 2pm
San Francisco: 12am - 11am
Sydney: 7pm - 6am

Area of expertise

Web: Magento, Interspire, Zend Framework, Codeigniter, ExtJS
Mobile: jQuery, MongoDB, Node.js,, Sencha Touch, Phonegap

Please send any feedback/comments to:

Skype: masterdef


Currently I have 62 projects in portfolio.

Muzzle-Loaders Magento

Magento, jQuery

Gengo (mygengo) API + Magento

AJAX, e-commerce, git, Magento, mobile, Re-engineering, Unit Testing

Tradewear Magento

Magento, jQuery, e-commerce, Ebay API, M2epro, Unit Testing, zf2