CakePHP, iPad, jQuery, MySQL


This is site where teachers can create online exams and provide them to students. Teachers join a school where they are authorised by a moderator Teachers can share exams with their school, other schools or keep them private.

Using CakePHP and jquery to complete an exam building web site for teachers. Teachers can upload and enter questions in to the database followed by using these questions to drag and drop to create an exam. the exams can be re-ordered and issued to students who can take the exams on a computer or iPad. A detailed results page is provided to teachers allowing the statistics of the exam and the class.

The questions should be added to the exams as they are done in the pdfs and word documents.
When a student logs on and looks at the tests they have available to them, they can see the list and a key icon will be present or highlighted for tests that require the test code.

A stem question includes a introduction paragraph and/or image. A number of questions will follow the intro paragraph.

The trailing questions can be one of question types, however can not be a stem question again. Each question header will include the plus or minus sign allowing the question to be collapsable.

Teachers should have the ability to drag the questions vertically to order or click on an up/down arrow that will move the question above or below the one next to it.

Teachers will make an exam and then schedule the exam for students to write. Students will be able to write study exams and restricted exam

When the student logs into the system, they will have a list of scheduled exams listed for them on the dashboard.

This list of exams will show the restricted exams at the top of the list and the ones that start the soonest at the top.

The student will select the exam they are scheduled to take from the list. When they open the exam it will show the title page and request the test code.

The teacher will provide the students the access code at which time the students will be able to start the exam. If the student opens up a different exam that is in their list of exams before the scheduled exam starts, however once they close it and open the scheduled exam, and they enter the test code, they will not be able to open any other exams until the scheduled restricted exam time has expired

Teachers must also have the option to review the exam once they have created it.

When teacher have created an exam or open an existing exam, they will have the option preview the exam and go through the questions.

These preview versions will not save any details on question answers.

September 30, 2014