You are fast and honest I love that
Honestly thank you for that
Definitely.. thanks for all the good years of service
Andrew has done an incredible job on this project. He has designed and developed a complex ecommerce website that works great. He has been in constant communication and has met deadlines with time to spare. I will recommend Andrew enthusiastically to friends, family and business associates.
For this contract, I sifted through over 60 oDesk and local developers. I selected Andrew because it was apparent by his profile and portfolio that he knew the technology. More importantly, he had a good rating on previous work that spoke to his ability to get the job done. Andrew is an excellent developer. He has a solid understanding of how to enable both site users and site administrators. His code runs quickly and cleanly. He was patient with delays, both on the client"s side as well as our own. Andrew had to digest a lot of material for this job and he did so very well. Turn around on work was fast and addressed in detail. He also possesses the ability to ask for clarification if he"s not sure about something, which puts him head and shoulders above half the developer community on the planet. Most importantly, the client was pleased with the end result.One opportunity for improvement lays with maintaining his own deadlines for deliverables. There were a couple times dates slipped, but fortunately, the client took things in good humor. If dates ever slipped, it was only by a day or two, which is considerably better than some of the ~local~ contractors we"ve hired in the past. Would we hire Andrew again for future work? Absolutely. Andrew is a great candidate for any company"s development needs.
I can"t say enough good things about Andrew and his team. This was just a little discovery task but Andrew jumped tight in to help exactly as asked and gave me a great outline of how we will attack a project with another one of his team. I will hire Andrew again very soon.
I have been working with Andrew for many years now, and he consistently produces high quality code. I hope to continue my relationship with him for the years to come.
Andrew is an ExtJs & ZF expert as advertised. I enjoyed working with Andrew, he is very easy to communicate with and is passionate about his work. I would love to have him work for us more if he becomes available again.
Very happy with Andrew work. Professional, reliable and very knowledgeable. Thank you!
Andrew is easy to work with, very smart, good english and performs on schedule.
Andrew is an excellent Magento developer, highly recommended! Thank you and we will be happy work together again.
Oh nice. Man you guys are awesome. Whoop hoo!
Wow looks great, thank you! You guys are all top notch I am very thankful to be able to work with you.
Andrew is a top developer with extensive knowledge and great communication skills.
Andrew, did a fantastic job and assisted us in all of our efforts and needs very professionally.
Andrew has done work for me for three years. His work is very good. His English skils are excellent. We have a trusting relationship. Its certainly important when giving someone total access to your server.
Great programmer, works fast and gets the job done. I would recommend to anyone!
Andrew was brilliant as usual and is highly recommended.
Completed the job to a very high standard, very skilled and cooperative. We changed the project specification during the project and Andrew was more than happy to adjust. Thanks!
It didnt take long for Andrew to pick up and understand our existing code and framework. This is a skill most programmers arent capable of. Andrew handled it with ease. He not only adapted to our existing environment rather quickly, he also lead the way in some instances. Impressive work!!
Andrew has excellent expertise in his qualifications and works hard to develop your project taking all issues seriously. He is efficient and responds to your communications quickly. His skills of english is excellent and ability to understand the tasks at hand excemplarary. We have enjoyed working with Andrew and will continue with him as our Chief Programmer and Support Technichian employed with an on-going basis. Thank you Andrew for your attention to details and concern for our business. Your expertise to make it work well and ensuring all items are complete and accurate is greatly appreciated.
It is always a pleasure working with Andrew. I highly recommend his services to anyone needing a qualified efficient programmer. We will continue to work with him.
Excellent work very skilled and knew exactly what we needed. Would highly recommend!
Andrew is consistent with his code and is always available, two things we value highly from programmers.
Andrew was super fast with little assistance required. He got the job done just as wanted!
Andrew is very competent and gets the job done super fast. He knew exactly what I needed and had my issues fixed and my site working properly in no time. He is also very patient with those of us who do not know much about programming. I will be rehiring for more Interspire programming asap!
As always, Andrew is a pleasure to work with. Consistently available and provides out-of-the-box thinking on complex projects.
Talented and professional developer with ability to learn as needed.
Magento Shop modification was successful implemented, before time estimate with good communication and precise estimate on the tasks time frame. I can with no doubt recommend Andrew and would make use of his expertise in future projects.
Andrew has done work for me for three years. His work is very good. His English skils are excellent. We have a trusting relationship. It`s certainly important when giving someone total access to your server.
James: Andrew my man, you are going to get a hell of a lot of work from me! I am really really impressed

After trying several different providers Andrew proved to be by far the most competent and reliable provider we could find. Great understanding of complex business processes and system specs.


While this project was under severe time pressures Andrew responded well and extended himself where possible to try to meet deadlines as best as possible. Andrew was able to take initiative in communicating & working with other team members to get tasks completed which was ensured the project moved ahead smoothly. (This was greatly appreciated.) Overall, we were very satisfied with the work provided for this project & have engaged Andrew for a subsequent project.


Andrew is proving to be extremely competent developer the more we use him. Technically very good, open minded and resourceful. Will continue to use him for subsequent projects.


Andrew`s doing a great job picking up the pieces of my last project. Very fast and responsive.


Hello Andrew,
I have looked through your work. You are to be complimented highly. It is
all very good. As well you are very talented and skilled. I am impressed
for whatever that is worth.
Yes I could use your services and would like to from time to time. Of
course the major question from my side would be what is the charge for your
fine work. Do you charge by the hour.
Thank you.



Glad to hear it, Andrew. I’m betting I’ll be calling on you in the future. I know the **** project will have enhancements as they get used to working with it. Thank you for all the good work.